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The VUCAP focus is on assisting Boards and Executives in laying solid foundations for management oversight, adding value to their organisations and recognising and reducing risk. 


Principles 1, 2 and 7 of the ASX Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations 

VUCAP sees a key element of the board's risk management ability is its ability to sustainably add value to the organisation.


VUCAP assists Boards and Executive teams by developing the organisation's management systems to address complex business problems.  


For the board to add value it must have agile systems in place that take inputs and manage those inputs in such a way that value is created. This value may be defined by profits, or in not for profit organisations, the extent to which the organisation delivers on its mission to serve.


By seeing organisations and the operating environment as a complex self-adapting open system, VUCAP strategy and system designs are by their nature, people-centric. Harnessing the powerful link between your organisation's people and the customers that you work for.  



Intelligible insights

Culture-driven strategy 

Increased value

What makes VUCAP different?


Too often Boards and Executive Officers are being forced to make decisions based on old or inaccurate data. At best decisions are made after hours of careful reading over detailed reports.


VUCAP gathers the raw data (information), analyses the data for meaning (intelligence) and presents the meaning in ways that are instantly understood (intelligible insights), and from there, presents recommendations.  


In addition, VUCAP recommendations are designed to be actionable and easily tracked. By using a range of software applications, we are able to present recommendations embedded into tools that promote accountability, transparency, and security; whilst being actionable, measurable and easy to track against time and cost.


Strategy and plans don't sit on a shelf, they are embedded in your organisation's culture and are reported on regularly. 


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