Business Continuity

The prevention, preparedness, response and recovery (PPRR) model is a comprehensive approach to risk management. This model to your emergency management and business continuity strategy will save your organisation time and money when responding to an incident.

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Business Continuity
Develop your organisation's resilience and ensure continuity. Start with a business continuity review and gap analysis so as you know what you need to do next. 
VUCAPs Business Continuity Approach
-Prevention — take actions to reduce or eliminate the likelihood or effects of an incident.

-Preparedness — take steps before an incident to ensure effective response and recovery.

-Response — contain, control or minimise the impacts of an incident.

-Recovery — take steps to minimise disruption and recovery times.
BCMS Training
Develop your organisation's business continuity management capabilities
Find out more about our BCMS training and how this can assist develop organisational resilience. 

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