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57% of construction companies want consistent, up-to-date financial and project information.​

41% want forecasting, allowing them to better prepare for best and worst-case building events.


48% want to be warned before specific events occure.

14% want online analytics to see for instance precisely which factors are affecting profitability and by how much.


Source: Sage


By reducing operating costs and developing systems to increase revenue, Boards and the executive team are able to reduce organisational risk and meet strategic objectives.
Combined with financial risk management and consulting capabilities, VUCAP brings you the data to reduce complex risk, develop and implement strategy.
Is your construction business drawing insights from data that drives sales by;


tracking the effectiveness of marketing campaigns against sales figures;


automating lead generation;


identifying future projects and key customers;


developing strategies to retain customers and better understand their needs; and


building a coherent sales and marketing team able to communicate key information in real time.
Is your project management and financial data;


giving you clear visibility of the impact each project has on the organisation's strategy and risk exposure;


identifying opportunities to reduce operating expenses; 


easily accessible in powerful dashboards that drive the organisation forward daily, weekly, monthly and quarterlyand


syncronising in real time.
Is your construction business able to identify, scenario test, forecast and warn of risks, including;


political risk impacting union power and government approvals and planning;


risk from competitors and market forces;


economic risks impacting labour supply and costs;


socio-cultural trends that risk construction supply and demand reducing the pipeline of ongoing & future projects; and


risks from technological disruption;


risks from the environment impacting productivity and profits;


risks from legislative changes including  industrial relations, taxation, safety and sustainability. 
VUCAP is able to assist Boards to add value to their organisations, by developing management systems that bring people and data together, reducing enterprise risk and developing a clear strategy. 
Contact us to find out more about how VUCAP can assist your Board and Executive team. 

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