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Your organisation is a system that creates value for shareholders or benefits for members and/ or community. It is critical to understand how efficient and how well your system does that. 


VUCAPs Internal Management Systems Audit approach encourages organisations to go beyond compliance and instead, identify value-creating processes and opportunities to enhance those processes.  

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Pipes and Pressure

Understanding the effectiveness of your internal systems allows you to make decisions that have a real impact on the organisation. 


From increasing revenue to identifying service delivery blockages, the internal systems audit is a key tool for decision makers.

Many organisations will use their own in house internal auditor or an external provider of audit services. Often the focus is on complaince, ensuring that the organisation is compliant with its own policies and procedures or is prepared to meet the compliance expectations of an external standard. 


From the VUCAP perspective this is a necceseary first step, however, VUCAP encourages decision makers to make the most of the audit process by going beyond compliance.


VUCAP's internal audit approach encourages an assessment of the effectivness of the systems being audited, the efficiency of the system and where there are opportunities to improve not only complaince but also effectivness and efficency. 





More than compliance:

Internal Management Systems 


Compliance | Effectivness | Efficiency | Improvement





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