Kalparrin Connect | Become a Partner and grow your business in the disability sector 

Kalparrin Connect connects you with your audience in a way that no other platform can.


Our Partnership options are designed to support you to build brand awareness, audience consideration and audience action. 



Brand Awareness 

Create more brand awareness by partnering with Kalparrin and sharing your brand directly with and interested audience. 

Strategically place your brand within the Perth Children's Hospital and alongside other brands that matter to your audience. 

Clearly demonstrate your social impact by Partnering with Kalparrin, a not for profit, charitable organisation. 



Create more visits to your website and landing pages with targeted online approaches that lead Kalparrin members to you. 

Website Visits


Generate engagement with your brand by aligning key messages with your audience and encouraging participation on social media platforms and offline activites such as events. 

Video and Webinars

Communicate your brand directly to Kalparrin members with informative and insightful video content and engaging webinars. 



Encourage Kalparrin members to complete online forms or make direct phone or email contact.

Receive referrals from Kalparrin's First Steps programme.

Lead Generation

Online Conversion

Develop timely calls to action that meet the needs of Kalparrin's members allowing them to purchase, book or order directly online. 

Business Page

Full page colour feature in Next Steps directory

Messaging and copywriting support for social media and e-News posts and articles

Company profiles in Kalparrin e-News

Boosted social media posts

Sponsored posts into Kalparrin Families peer group

Recognition of partnership on Kalparrin website

Recognition in Kalparrin Annual report

Opportunity to send representatives to

Kalparrin events to build relationships directly with potential clients

Access to unique customer insights

Client referrals through Kalparrin’s Next Step Program

Monthly messaging and copywriting support for video and webinar marketing

Annual joint co-branded event at

Perth Children's Hospital

Community Partner


Brand Partner


Engagement Partner


Reach Partner


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