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Our Approach.

"If I had an hour to solve a problem I'd spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions"

- Albert Einstein

The VUCAP approach to reducing risk faced by Boards and their organistions focusses on understanding the problem or the opportunity and its parameters, and how much that problem or missed opportunity costs the organisation


VUCAP works methodically through the problem definition phase, measurement phase, root cause analysis phase, process improvement phase and finally monitor, control and review phase. Each step of the way expert advisors are selected with specific, relevant industry experience.


With strong value-adding systems as part of the organisations strategy, the Board and Executive can be confident that risk is reduced.   




Define the problem or improvement opportunity


Using both qualitative and quantitative methods, VUCAP engages with your people and your data to frame the issue (problem or opportunity) in a way that is coherent and agreed upon by the Board and its management team. 


Root cause analysis


Rather than only dealing with the symptoms of the problem the root cause analysis will identify the underlying cause. VUCAP presents all data in intuitive visualisations so as information is insightful and readily applicable to the organisation. For more on how VUCAP uses leading technology to assist Boards to visualise data please visit the Domo website or contact us


This analysis gives us the recommendations that we need to begin to address the problem and minimise waste. 


Measure existing systems and their processes 


This takes us deeper into the issue and offers replicable methods to measure ongoing improvements. This allows the board to gauge the extent of the value added by the improvements to the organisation.  




Systems and process improvements

After such deep analysis, an experienced Board and Executive will often be able to see clearly what needs to be done to increase organisational value and have the ability to execute. Sometimes however, it may be wise to engage VUCAP consultants to assist with implementation.


This will often involve project management including managing change at various levels of the organisation.  

Control, monitor and review


The work done in the early phases sets the foundations for this final stage. In order to identify the problem and its cost and to measure the current process, VUCAP will have had to develop methods of readily capturing data and presenting the data to the board. By using these methods we can track improvements or risks as they present in real time. 


For many organistions this can be a first step in developing a culture of data-driven decision making. 

Contact us to find out more about the VUCAP approach to Boards increasing value and reducing risk through improved systems and data-driven decisions. 


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