VUCAP | Outsourced Governance Risk & Compliance 

Not for Profit organisations face significant regulatory, compliance and ethical complexity to ensure that they continue to achieve their mission without losing the confidence of their key stakeholders. 



VUCAPs hybrid approach to outsourcing governance, risk and compliance (GRC), ensures that organisations benefit from VUCAPs expertise and technology whilst also learning and building their internal GRC systems. 

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A hybrid approach to outsourcing governance, risk and compliance gives organisations the benefit of VUCAPs competencies and resources whilst retaining knowledge and learning in your own organisation.

VUCAP's fully managed GRC service aligns your organisation with your overall strategy; ensuring that the combination of good governance, compliance and risk management not only protects the organisation but also drives value.



Contact us to review the suitability of adopting a hybrid approach to managing your organisation's governance, risk and compliance needs.


Governance, Risk and Compliance as a managed service.