Iris - Business Intelligence | Critical to Governance, Risk & Compliance

Without timely, accurate, relevant information organisations will struggle to understand the complex environment that they operate in, leading to decisions made on guess work and assumptions.

The world is changing faster than ever before. The Covid-19 pandemic as well as SARS, MARS and Ebola before it are evidence of the volatility of the operating environment that leaders must navigate through. They are evidence of the interconnectedness of the world we live in. In order to make strategic decisions and to ensure good oversight, leadership teams need data more than ever before.

Intelligence can no longer be gathered without the use of technology to gather data for analysists to interpret and turn into insights. This is the key reason why we and other leading business intelligence consultancies use powerful research and analysis tools. By doing so, we take much of the guess work out of strategy. Take the SWOT analysis for example. Opportunities and Threats are more than bullet points on a white board. They are the relationship your organisation has with socio-political, technological, socio-economic, environmental and legal trends locally and internationally.

In order for VUCAP to provide reliable strategy and risk advisory services we need to draw on our database of over 3,000 reports, capturing economic, demographic and market data. We draw on over 200 strategic topics and analyse their interconnected relations using network mapping and artificial intelligence and machine learning to ensure that the information updates as quickly as the world changes. We need to be able to access and analyse trends in organisations that you compete with or that may have an effect on your future operations. We need to understand over 300 local government areas and suburbs population data and trends throughout Australian and New Zealand. We call this ecosystem of research and analysis tools Iris.

What is Iris?

Iris is the VUCAP approach to gathering and analysing micro and macro market and industry data. It is an ecosystem of analytical tools that allows the analyst to provide key insights for Boards and Executive teams, so as they can understand the opportunities and threats that their organisation is facing.

The Iris approach allows VUCAP analysts access to data in order to understand how a competitor may be growing over time and how they are structuring human resources internally to manage growth. Iris also gives the VUCAP analyst the ability to to understand what people in a given market are thinking about in regards to products, services or social, political, economic trends.

Our resources capture over 200 macroeconomic indicators tracking historical, current performance & outlook to understand how external variables impact industry performances, allowing decision makers the ability to develop scenario plans based on detailed analysis.

By drawing on property data directly from Landgate and a range of other data sources, Iris gives VUCAP analysts highly accurate property information which feeds into demographic and general market analysis, providing you with digital imagery and data relevant to your strategic objectives.

We are able to analyse hundreds of thousands of web searches to identify market trends and key concepts that have an effect on your strategic position. The Iris approach enables VUCAP researchers to track your competitors digital marketing spend as well as identify their digital strategy and where their web traffic is originating from, the effectiveness of their digital outreach tactics and giving you strategic insights that inform your own risk management and strategic thinking.

The use of powerful analytical tools is VUCAP's key point of difference. The Iris approach is our way of remaining disciplined and dependent analytical rigor, ensuring we provide our clients and partners with exceptional data and intelligence.