Social and Innovation Funding

The Australian Government at a state and federal level continues to open up funding rounds for innovative ways to solve complex socio-economic problems.

From R&D to commercialisation, there are a host of challenges that government is actively prepared to fund:

Grants for business projects that benefit the Collie region in WA

Collie Futures Small Grants Program

The Collie Futures Small Grants Program provides funding to organisations for projects that will create jobs and opportunities in the Collie region of WA.

Help solve government challenges

Business Research and Innovation Initiative (BRII) – Priority Sectors Round

Each time the Business Research and Innovation Initiative opens, we detail up to 5 challenges that government currently faces in policy and service delivery areas. The grant gives you the opportunity to solve these challenges using innovative approaches.

Funding for corporations to undertake clean energy projects.

Clean Energy Future Fund WA

The Clean Energy Future Fund provides funding to corporations to undertake clean energy projects.

Grants to develop a new product stewardship scheme or to improve recycling rates of an existing or new product stewardship scheme

National Product Stewardship Investment Fund – 2020 grant opportunity

The National Product Stewardship Investment Fund provides grants of up to $1 million for projects that will deliver against the fund's two objectives. To accelerate work on new product stewardship schemes and/or improve rates of recycling across new and existing schemes.

Funding for businesses undertaking renewable energy projects

Advancing Renewables Program

The Advancing Renewables Program provides businesses with funding or finance to develop renewable energy technologies.

Get help with your research needs to take forward an idea or innovation

Innovation Connections

Innovation Connections assists businesses to understand their research needs, connect with the research sector and fund collaborative research projects.

For further information and to apply for funding under these schemes visit the Australian Government grants and programmes website.

How can VUCAP help?

Feasibility study

Using our research capabilities we can work with you to meet the requirements each stage of your application. By conducting the feasibility studies, proof of concept validation and generating business models and recommendations, you will all the information you need, from a trusted, independent third party to support you application.

Contact us if you would like to find out more about how we can work together and assist you with your application, feasibility study and proof of concept.


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