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Solutions by Industry.


The two biggest risks facing the construction industry are poor cash flow and bad debt. With both of these risks combining it easily leads to a third risk - trading losses. 


By working closely with your Executive team we can ensure that you have the tools, insights, systems, and methodologies to execute your strategy and achieve your Boards objectives.  


VUCAP is a strategy consulting firm that will engage a carefully selected team to specialise in your specific strategic and operational challenges, from credit management to cash flow forecasting and procurement and human resource and change management. 

Financial and Professional Services

Your organisation knows the numbers. With VUCAP supporting your Board to create ongoing sustainable value, you can be confident that your sales teams will be supported by a powerful lead generation system. Using leading technology platforms VUCAP can place you at the center of the customer's decision-making process. 


Bringing your people with you is where change management and our strategic human resource approach comes in. Financial and professional services with a people-centric strategy is a recipe for a 100-year business. 

Not for Profit Organisations

Competition for funding and being sure that you are actually meeting the needs of the people that you aim to serve is critical complex. By supporting your strategy with leading business intelligence tools that give you access to real-time data of the external environment, and your social impact, your NFP Board can quickly demonstrate value and confidently minimise risk. 


With recent MoG changes, government departments are in a position to achieve amazing results or significant failures. The risk is high and whatever changes Directors make in their new Departments, change and project management skills will be critical. 



VUCAP focusses on aligning human needs with the organisation's strategic objectives to ensure smooth transitional change.  

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