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Solutions by Role

Directors and Executive Team

As an experienced governance and management team, you already know your organisation. However, there are times when you can tell the strategy is missing some visibility.


By developing a systemic approach to implementing strategy your Board can ensure that 1, the organisation can demonstrate its methodology; 2, the Board can measure and demonstrate the value that its decisions are creating within the organisation and 3, robust systems reduce the risk of failure over time.  


Don't leave strategy implementation to chance: bring data, create systems based on the data and support people to deliver the value.


As a finance expert, it’s your job to help steer the business. But you know that if your reporting is a month behind, so are you.


It's critical that a fast-moving organisation has more than just the P&L and Balance Sheet data available in real time, we also need to know why the numbers are what they are. We need to forecast for seasonality and conduct what-if analysis quickly and accurately. We need systems in place that are as agile as the operational environment we work in.  


The days of gut instinct marketing are over. But to be a data-driven marketer, you need to do more than just analyse data. You need insights that drive action—and better ROI.


Combining automation and tracking responses to your campaigns both on and offline, your decisions start becoming much easier to present and defend. From customer journey mapping and lead generation to demonstrating marketing ROI, VUCAP brings data and people together. 


All the data in the world is worthless if it doesn't bring insights. VUCAP delivers end-to-end visibility—from first touch to closed deal—to help you get more leads across the finish line.


By bringing sales and marketing approaches in line supported by deep customer insights your prospective clients are already familiar with you and your team and what you have to offer, increasing your conversion rate. 


Whilst Lean and Six Sigma have brought us all to the understanding that we need to reduce waste, create flow and continuously improve, we also know that we need a systemic approach to do that. One that captures data, turns it into insights and fosters a value-creating organisation.  


This is where the VUCAP approach to adaptive self-organising systems is critical. They are people-centric and adapt quickly to the operational environment. 

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