The following report summarises the safety activities for October 2018.


During the reporting period, there were:


1. Five site-specific toolbox talks,


2. One monthly safety meeting was conducted,


3. The commencement of an improved monitoring and reporting process has been agreed upon in October. However, the reporting process will be implemented in January 2019. This will give time to capture more accurate data. 








During November five site-specific toolbox talks were conducted to promote a safe workplace culture.


The findings of the safety audit conducted in September 2018 have been reviewed, these findings will be presented to the WBS leadership group for further action by December 17th. 




No new initiatives were achieved in November. See Safety Challenges for the Worksite/ Division for November initiatives. 

During the month of November one Safety Meeting was conducted as a review of safety and health after the findings from the September Safety audit. 


No fire drill was conducted and no safety-specific training was conducted.


During November the division has developed a standardised method to monitor and report safety performance on a monthly basis. 


This reporting method will be implemented and presented by January 7th, 2019. 


WBS has taken the recommendations of the September 2018 audit report and is now developing plans to implement those recommendations. This will be an ongoing process and the progress will be captured in safety reports from January 2019 on wards 


Documenting safety initiatives is still a challenge for the division, however, this will change is safety systems maturity develops.



Report compiled by Andre De Barr, VUCAP Systems: 9th Decmber 2018